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Enneagram and Gestalt therapy

The Enneagram is the oldest instrument of knowledge of the various types of personality. Born from the ancient oral traditions of Asia has been reintroduced in the West by Gurdjieff, around the year 20 'and his current form of increased use comes from the work of Claude and Ichazo Oscar Naranjo.
The Enneagram describes nine personality types highlighting, for each of them the basic emotional the cognitive structure (ie the type of thoughts that crowd the mind of a person), the spoilage by a specific passion (or the passion that leads the person to engage in conduct repetitive and rigid) and specific virtues (or behaviors that help the person to hang up her character).

The Enneagram is a tool that has many affinities with the use of Gestalt therapy.

The description of the character, in fact, is aimed at highlighting how a person moves within its environment . The intention, in other words, and intended to describe how the character influence, with its rigidity, the way of being in relationship with each other. Second, states that each person has a particular character, and therefore, the therapist has the same character. It is not, therefore, a system that tends to classify people and split them into healthy and sick, but rather a tool that puts all people at the same level, ie each character has a particular alteration.

A second affinity with Gestalt therapy is the identification of an emotional base that sustains the whole character structure. The three primary emotions that divide le nove tipologie in tre gruppi, sono il risentimento , la diffidenza e la disillusione . L'attenzione costante all'interno di un percorso terapeutico sul sentire, ovvero su cosa una persona sta provando nello stare in relazione con il terapeuta e nel mentre esprime sé stesso, porta alla luce chiaramente la tonalità emotiva di base della propria struttura caratteriale.
Ancora, la proposta di una virtù come direzione per riuscire a liberarsi dal proprio carattere centra l'azione terapeutica, ovvero ciò che aiuta la persona a migliorare la qualità della propria vita, sul fare . Per la psicoterapia della Gestalt change and the welfare of a person does not take place, stopping to understand what is happening, but experimenting and finding new ways and new behaviors to stay in relationship with others.

Finally, and probably the most subtle and profound affinity between the Enneagram and Gestalt therapy, both of these two instruments see the fluidity the key to change. The character, in fact, is described as a crystalline structure, which responds with repetitive behaviors and rigid environment. Gestalt therapy promotes in its therapeutic action experience of creativity as a way to exit from their problems.
Behind it is the awareness that everyone is creative, but many have stopped practicing to be.


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